To order prescription lenses from KAIBOSH you will need just a few simple references from your prescription.

Our colour coded diagram below shows where to put the information when you reach the checkout.


We accept prescriptions in the following ranges:

SPH -8 to +6 

CYL -3 to +3 

If your prescription is outside these ranges, we recommend you purchase the frames only and visit your optician for your lenses.

If all this sounds like jiggery pokery to you – don´t worry – you can e-mail us your prescription. Select your frames and when it’s time to order, choose one of the options UPLOAD PRESCRIPTION or SEND IN PRESCRIPTION LATER.

Depending on your prescription, we will select the lens best suited for you. You will initally be charged for the frames and Level 2 Prescription Lenses. If only Level 1 Prescription Lenses are required we will refund the difference.

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