Follow our guide to getting eyewear which is the right size for your face.

If you already have glasses you can use them as a guide. On the inside of the frame look for these measurements:

Beneath all of our products you will find detailed size information like this:

Will they fit my pretty face

Use these as a guideline to help you find frames in your size range.

You can also measure any existing frames or sunglasses you have from end to end to get the total width and use this as a guideline. The total width measurement will give you a good indication of how big the frame will look on you. Use a ruler and look at yourself in the mirror – this will show you if the frames will be too large or small for your face.


The bridge measurement is important because it tells how the frame will sit on your nose. If you have a narrow nose and you choose a wide bridge the frame will have a tendency to slip down your nose. If you have a wide nose and you choose a narrow bridge the frame will sit too high on your face.

And remember - an oversized frame will always look better than a frame which is too small. 

Next you need to figure out which lens to choose - go to GET THE RIGHT LENS

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