WHEN: MAY & JUNE, 2016
WHERE: Copenhagen, Bergen and Oslo

Come and HAiK w/ Kaibosh. The innovative Norwegian fashion line HAiK w/ is popping up in our 3 flagship stores in Bergen, Oslo and Copenhagen during May and June and you now have the chance to shop styles from the brand that came up with the crazy idea behind our reversible sunglasses TWO-WAY

Here is a summary of HAiK´s idea behind their SS16 collection which is sold in the pop up:   

"The starting point for No Commitment – the Spring/Summer 2016 collection by innovative Norwegian fashion line HAiK w/ – is a series of interviews with men and women, age 15 to 65, concerning their relationship to the personal wardrobe as both problem and possibility ... The collection’s signature textile – a custom-made polka dot camouflage print – embodies this thesis of ambivalence and fluidity. Inspired by both vintage Italian military camo and decorative floral fabrics, the pattern evokes our contradictory desires for invisibility and identity, a clever synthesis of anonymity and exhibition."