The 70's LOOK

You are collecting turtle necks like never before, your new favourite colour is brown, and you love taking your flared pants out every weekend. All you need to complete the look is a selection of Kaibosh for your weekly adventures. Stay put, we have the perfect glasses for your fringe fever!

So this is how you do: 70’s Fling and 70’s Boy will take you through the week. Cat in a Candy Store and About Around will back you up for what’s planned on Thursday evening, before you hit Saturday night with the BeeGees wearing Co-Pilot or Charlies Girl. Shut up and Keep Talking is perfect for the morning after when you are hitting the park with your crew to cure the hangover. 

Bottom line, bigger glasses will easily give you the groove! If you are rather low-key though, you can still get the 70s look with the great selection of 70s inspired colours Kaibosh has to offer. Honey Glaze, Peach Bud and Brown Wash are some of them. Peace! 

Photo by Dag Knudsen, Styling by Margrethe Gilboe, Hair & makeup by Jens Wiker,  Models Miriam and Philip Gilboe.

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